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Sarina is a tribal fusion dancer known for her quirky musical choices and her vaudeville style infused in her costuming and dance. Whether she is dancing as an Orion slave dancer at Trek Theatre production, a steampunk performance at Fusion Friendly Events, a 1920’s jazz piece, or to her newest favorite soundtrack at a No Shame Eugene, she has a lot of fun with the art form.

Sarina has been belly dancing for about 20 years, taking her first dance class with her mother in a little community center while she was a teenager. From that time she moved on to study tribal in Portland at Gypsy Caravan and Euphoria, and tribal fusion with Severina and Znama Studio, as well as with private instructors. While living in Japan, she studied Turkish style belly dance, break dance and salsa, and taught tribal fusion belly dance. Because she has also studied flamenco, tango and Hawaian hula, these also are infused in her dance. Sarina often draws on moves from other dance styles to meld with belly dance, depending on what feels appropriate with the style of music. Her costuming is often inspired by a theme started by her musical choice, and she makes and sells many of her costumes locally.

Currently Sarina teaches Beginning Tribal Fusion and Intermediate Tribal Fusion at Willamalane in Springfield and Bellylicious Workout on Wednesdays at multiple locations and private lessons in her dance studio.

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Belly Dance Shiva Lines, Fun Formations, and Beautiful Fusion Videos

on Mon, 04 Jul, 2022

I have been saving my favorite videos of belly dance on Youtube and wanted to share some of my favorite pieces.

Golden Buzzer: Mayyas
This is masterful choreography. If you start the video at 2:45 you get to hear them say their goal is to hypnotize--and they do just that. Their shiva line and the formations they do are breathtaking.

Temple Tribal (Fusion)
I've chosen this video to show off this incredible choreography. The shiva line in this is different from others as well in that you can see almost everyone. There are many transitions and formations in this and that is what makes it so interesting.

Silvia Salamanca
This is a great example of fusion costuming and a pleasure to watch a performer doing a triple sword performance. All those reasons I tell students why it is important to have good posture, it is so you can do something like this someday and balance a sword on your head (or anything else) as you dance.

ATS American Tribal Style
One reason I chose this video is the closeups of the costume, jewelry, hair, and makeup. You can see how the dancers express their individual style while remaining uniform. It is also a well executed video and fun to see their formations and transitions. Dancers in my classes will probably recognize some of the moves we do with a slightly different style.
This dance also makes me remember how much I like Turkish shimmies.

Inspiring belly dance makeup looks
This isn't a dance video but I included it anyway. I love all the closeups in this video. It really shows off the ATS and fusion styles of costuming and make up well.

I love this Celtic-inspired belly dance. The costume is a fun fusion that fits the music. I feel like I am part of a pagan ceremony watching this.

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How to Hold a Veil

on Fri, 13 Aug, 2021

How You Can Improve Your Health, Connectedness, and Spiritual Wellness

on Mon, 03 Dec, 2018

Self care, which is a way of ensuring one’s overall mental and physical health, has gotten an increasing amount of coverage in the media over the past few years. However, what basic self-care and self-help guides frequently forget to indicate is how our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are tightly linked and dependent on one another. This is why people who only pursue a diet without adjusting their exercise habits or exercise while subsisting solely on packaged foods often remain unfulfilled at heart.

The good thing is that some small adjustments in each part of your life can have great effects, particularly when you are focused on bringing your entire body in sync with itself. With that in mind, here are some ways you can improve your overall spiritual wellness by making adjustments to your physical and mental health habits.

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Improve fitness and core strength while working out to great world music and learning the basics of belly dancing. Class emphasizes posture and stretching to avoid injury, muscle isolation for improving strength and repetition for a balanced workout. Sarina teaches classes at Willamalane in Springfield and the Reach Center in Eugene.



Sarina performs her alternative tribal fusion belly dance style at many venues in Eugene and sometimes Portland, Oregon. Whether she is steampunk belly dancing to neo-Victorian music, using her flamenco/burseque fusion fans with a 1920's flair, Andalusian skirt twirling, clowning it up at Cirque du Eugene, or fusing break dance and belly dance to a Star Trek remixed music, she brings creativity and fun to the dance.

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