Favorite Fusion Belly Dance Videos

on Tue, 23 May, 2023

Enjoy these fusion videos that really capture the essence of fusion belly dance.


Rachel Brice's Datura at Tribal Fest 13 - Full Set

Rachel Brice is one of the founders of fusion.



Belly Dancer Zoe Jakes Tribal Fusion Bellydance at The Massive Spectacular!

My jaw literally dropped at one point--and that is really saying something since I have watched a lot of belly dance. This was truly mesmerizing choreography. They have incredible transitions.



"Goddess of the Lotus Temple" Lena Gukina Tribal Fusion

This performance feels like a spiritual ritual. I might have posted it in a different blog post, but it is worth watching again.



Roksana, Milana & Lidia - temple tribal fusion trio @ Tribal Blossom Show

I like the framing of this triplet. Another strength of this piece is how many dynamic transitions they have.



Rachael Redfern - Infusion Emporium 8 - October 2018

I love the mirroring this duet does. There also is some great locking, voguing, and tutting from breakdance.



Habibi Lal, КИРА ЛЕБЕДЕВА, Украина | TRIBAL BEAT FEST 2016

This costume is outrageously interesting. Her style is interesting 



Belly Dance with an Ancient Air

I love the framing and use of poses



Rustiqua Tribal Prague 2012

Halfway through I love the framing and transitions.



Shemakhinskaya Bayaderka Festival / Yana Kremneva / 2016

Fusion style mixed with Indian dance. Some people would say all fusion is mixed styles and that description is redundant, but really fusion is a specific contemporary style popularized by Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes, which can be mixed with other styles.



Rachael Redfern performing at Infusion Emporium 10

This is considered fusion, but to me it just looks cabaret. The costume is glittering with sequins and fringe. The moves look cabaret with only a few exceptions as she rolls her body waves into shoulders (mostly near the end). This style used to be what I learned as “tribaret.” However, I am listing it here both to show off some great belly rolls layered with other moves. Also, it is useful to see how versatile fusion is and how people interpret that term so differently.



Fusion Fascination

This is a really short clip of fairy belly dancers performing a shiva line!


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