Hair Gardens and head Pieces for Fusion and ATS Belly Dance

on Sun, 02 Oct, 2022

A "hair garden" is the term some belly dancers call all the flowers and pretty accessories in their hair. ATS (American transcultural style--formerly called American Tribal Style) and fusion styles of belly dance often adorn our hair with flowers, headbands, feathers, and other accessories. One quick and easy way to accessorize to give a fusion/ATS look is to start with a pretty headband/headpiece/headress and clip flowers to the sides.

Enjoy some inspiration below for ideas on how to create your own.

Here is a fusion style.

ATS style

ATS style

ATS style but I think her overall look might be fusion or ATS

ATS style but this headband could work for fusion as well

ATS or fusion style--look at those found objects she added to give it her own personal flair!

Fusion style

Rachel Brice is a fusion dancer--look at all the flowers in her hair

ATS style headbands--you could easily make some of your own out of a fun scrap of fabric or headband. I think this is a seller from Etsy. I wish I had saved the address for belly dancers.

Here is an image from Pinterest. If you need ideas on how to make a headdress, you will get lots of ideas form Pinterest.


Some of my favorite places to find pieces to add to my headband and costume are:

The Red Camel

You can also buy coins, fringe, and decorative elements at Joanne Fabric, Michaels, or second hand stores.

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