Traditional World Music for Beginning Belly Dancers

on Mon, 12 Dec, 2022

Traditional World Music for Beginning Belly Dancers

Some of the music I play is so old, it isn't available on CD anymore. And when it is, it is a "vintage" CD from over twenty years ago, so it is more expensive.


In the past I have gotten music from the library system. I often looked for world music. Some of my favorite finds were Balkan and Eastern European music more than the selection of Middle Eastern music. Even though it is not considered culturally sensitive, many of the CD titles and bands will have the world "gypsy," whether it is Amazon or another music store.


Belong are songs, CDs, and artists you might recognize from class. Even if you don't shop on Amazon, you can get the information about the CDs so you can shop for them elsewhere.


Music I often Play in Class




Cheb i Sabbah

This is a DJ who remixes a lot of world music. I play his music often in class.

La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed

La Kahena


Omar Faruk Tekbilek

If you want authentic Middle Eastern music by someone Middle Eastern, I would recommend this musician. I especially like his version of "Shaskin."



Fire Dance

My favorite song on this CD is "Song of the Pharaohs." That song is on another one of his CDs as well.


Gypsy Caravan (Now called Caravan Studios and Mizna)

I play music from the band that used to be called Gypsy Caravan. They belly dance studio they came out of with the same name had rebranded themselves as Caravan Studios. At one point, members of the band renamed themselves Mizna, but that was 20 years ago and it is quite possible the band has renamed themselves again by this point.

I would recommend any of their CDs. I probably have four of them. Caravan Rhythems is great for a simple song that really focuses on Middle Eastern rythms. This is great for dancers who need something simple to practice drumming or zilling (finger cymbals).





Caravan Rhythms




Moroccan Spirit


These two CDs fit int he Eastern European category.


Ruupert Dances In Fins



Hawk and Hack Saw


I also play music from many other genres that are not typical belly dance music like Michael Jackson and soundtracks, but this list is more traditional than all of my alternative belly dance songs.

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