Where to find a coin belt

on Sun, 23 Oct, 2022

Bellydancers like coin belts because they make us feel like bellydancers when we are first learning. They are percussive and you can hear the coins jingle as we shimmy. The audio and tactile feedback of feeling the coins move help us know when we are moving correctly. It can also tell us we are moving our hips when we shouldn't be. It is a great learning tool.

Bellydancers often ask where to purchase a coin belt locally. There used to be many local shops before Covid but they closed down. There used to be events where venders sold belts, but alas, events have been few and far between.

I have taken some time to compile belts on Amazon based on the belts I see students wear in class or my own. If you don't like shopping on the evil corporation of Amazon, you can try Etsy or Ebay. Be aware, sellers come and go and prices change, but hopefully these links will last a while.


Burgandy coin belt (like mine) $16
Large-X L

Burgandy coin belt (like Sara's) $28

Burgandy $15 is the least expensive style-$24
(least expensive, but also closer to cabaret style due to sequins)

Inexpensive coin belt (many colors)

Bright coin belts with glittering plastic ($13)
(many colors)

Glittering fishnet fringe coin belts $16
(many colors)

ATS/fusion Coin bra and belt set ($56 for belt and bra--multiple sizes--best price)

If you can't find a burgundy belt that fits, buy a metal belt like the one below and wear it over a piece of burgundy fabric cut into a triangle to make a hip scarf. (or whatever color we decide on)

ATS coin belt (no fabric) $20

ATS coin belt (no fabric)

Burgundy hip scarf (only fabric, no coins)

Or you can make your own! Get started with fringe, tassels

Burgundy 8 inch tassel fringe for curtains--or making a belly dance belt

Premade tassel fringe for making your own belt (or look up fringe tassel -insert color you are looking for)

Coins on a string (I like Joann Fabric, but this is just an example)


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