Drop-ins are welcome, but please email Sarina first to make sure a class has enough room, is in the location specified, or hasn't been cancelled.

Current Classes

Willamalane Center South Classes Bob Keefer Center

250 S 32nd St

Springfield, OR

(541) 736-4544



Willamalane has decided to go virtual.  For the next two weeks, online classes are going to be FREE no matter where you are.  From 11/18-12/2 all Fitness at Home classes will be COMPLIMENTARY FOR ALL! Keep in mind fees will be added after 12/2, and NO CLASSES on 11/26 and 11/27.

How can you take a class for free?
Willamalane has a variety of exercise classes that will be virtual for the next two weeks. This is a great chance to exercise from the safety and comfort of the home. It is a great for people who are shy and hesitant to try a new class. It also is going to be a great learning experience for instructors to teach virtually and try out the technology in case this is something we want/need to do in the future.

Go here to check out the list of classes:

New procedures
You DO have to register for the class. You can register online or by phone by calling the Bob Keefer Center:

Technology requirements
When you register, they will give you some tech requirements. I have been given two technology sheets to pass on to my students. Use my contact form to request them or get them from my newsletter if you are already signed up.


 Beginning Belly Dance

Improve fitness and core strength while working out to great world music and learning the basics of belly dancing. Class emphasizes posture and stretching to avoid injury, muscle isolation for improving strength, and repetition for a balanced workout. Instructor: Sarina Dorie.
Location: Ken Long Room, Willamalane Center

    Dates          Days     Time            Price                                                   

ongoing               M    6PM-7PM    *Willamalane now uses a punch card system. You purchase the card and can use it for any fitness class. However, you must register for the class or register for drop-ins due to Covid protocols.

Please call Willamalane to register or use the online sign up.

Participants need to wear a mask. See the Willamalane website for commonly asked questions.


Coming Soon!

 Beginning Belly Dance LCC Main Campus Winter Session

Start and End Date?      Th     7-8 PM     Price TBA

*Most likely this will be an online Zoom class.


Old Classes that Might Make a Come Back

 Intermediate Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Continue refining posture and stretching to avoid injury, muscle isolation for improving strength and repetition for a balanced workout. We will emphasize formations, leading and following and more advanced techniques including popping, locking and fusion dance styles. Some belly dance experience is required. Drop in: $8. Instructor: Sarina Dorie. No class 1/16, 2/20.
Location: Heron Room, Willamalane Center
        Dates     Days     Time     Price     Class #     Registration    

Current Session Cancelled. Stay tuned for details.


*Please note, we only have intermediate classes if we have enough student for both classes. Please check with Sarina prior to registering for the intermediate class.

Belly Dance, Swords Made Simple

Ages 14+
Learn basic Middle Eastern sword dance techniques with simple combos and choreography. Belly dance experience is helpful but not required. No swords are allowed; instructor will provide wood substitutes.

Location: Willamalane Center
        Dates     Days     Time     Price     Class #     Registration      Dates     Days     Time     Price     Class #     Registration
+ Calendar    08/03    M    6PM - 7:30 PM    $20 In-district       $28 Out-of-district    7451    Register


 Tribal Belly Dance and Veil Workshop

Learn basic Middle Eastern dance veil techniques, combs and choreography. Belly dance experience is helpful but not required. Contact the instructor, Sarina Dorie, if you don’t have a veil.
Location: Willamalane Center
      Dates     Days     Time     Price     Class #     Registration
+ Calendar    08/17     M     6PM - 7:30 PM     $20 In-district $28 Out-of-district     7450


 Peek-a-boo Fan Dance Workshop (Date TBA)

Learn basic fan work with elements from flamenco, belly dance and Chinese traditional fan dance combined in a unique and interesting way. Bring a set of fans. Some fans will be provided by the instructor.
Location: Willamalane Center
      Dates     Days     Time     Price     Class #     Registration
        M     6PM - 7:30 PM     $20 In-district $28 Out-of-district     5603

Date TBA

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Sarina performs her alternative tribal fusion belly dance style at many venues in Eugene and sometimes Portland, Oregon. Whether she is steampunk belly dancing to neo-Victorian music, using her flamenco/burseque fusion fans with a 1920's flair, gypsy skirt twirling, clowning it up at Cirque du Eugene, or fusing break dance and belly dance to a Star Trek remixed music, she brings creativity and fun to the dance. Check the website regularly for updates.

Common Belly Dance Questions

Common Belly Dance Questions

As a tribal fusion belly dance teacher in Eugene and Springfield, I am often asked how to prepare for a dance class. Whether you've never taken a belly dance dance class before or it's been awhile, students often ask what they should wear and what they should bring to class. Below is a list of common items you might want to bring with you to a class:

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