Five Videos Dancers Can Appreciate

on Wed, 17 May, 2017

As a fusion belly dancer, I love to combine multicultural dance moves into my dances when appropriate to fit the music. Below are a few fun videos any dancer can appreciate for the skill, choreography and stage presence. Some of these videos incorporate techniques similar to what belly dancers use. Some are so different, it is the contrast from what I do that makes me appreciate it.

Russian Folk Dance "Berezka" "Березка". Ruso Danza Populare "Beriozka" .Russische Volk Tanz

This video features ballerinas dancing with long skirts. I often tell students that when you wear a long skirt and use your hands to misdirect, we are like magicians hiding our sleight of hand. In this video, the ballerinas use the equivalent of choo choo feet to scoot across the floor seamlessly. It looks like magic.


Ballerina Wears Knife Shoes to Perform En Pointe En a Piano

While we are looking at videos of ballet dancers we might as well examine this dangerous dance in which a ballet dancer dances on point.


Duck Walk! • TVO Advanced Team practice • Tahitian Dance

I saw this video on Facebook months ago. As a bellydancer, it is pretty inspiring to see dancers shimmying this fast. Not only that, but they are doing it crouched. I never knew what duckwalking was until I saw this video.


Diana Vishneva: Beauty in motion - F.L.O.W part III

This is a strange and beautiful prop, part hula dance and part, I don’t know what it is! She reminds me of a jelly fish.


Thiên Thủ Quan Âm (Thousand Hand Guan Yin)

In belly dance we have what is called the shiva line, which uses this technique of layering arms that move at different counts in the music. The colors and choreography of this are really stunning.

If you enjoyed these videos, you might enjoy other videos on this blog. Or check out this the listing for classes:

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