belly dance stage make up Star Trek style

on Tue, 23 Aug, 2016

For the last couple of years I have performed belly dance as the Orion Slave Dancer for Trek Theatre’s productions here in Eugene, Oregon. This year is Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. I am going to be dancing again during the intermission of their show. In honor of the anniversary, I thought I would do an alien make up tutorial. Stage makeup is different to put on compared to regular make up, whether it is green or flesh tone. During a normal belly dance performance, you need make up so you aren’t washed out in the bright lights. Of course, I need the green makeup because I’m an alien.

Below is my step by step transformation using stage makeup to turn myself into an alien.

In this photo I start with black liquid eyeliner. My face has already been prepped with moisturizer and lotion in the hope that it will keep the green from staining my skin. I have a little bit of RBF in this photo. Oh well.

make up tutorial

In this photo I am starting to apply eye makeup. So far it is just black powdery eyeliner for a smoky eye look. I have to make it thick because there will be gaps later on when I put on the fake eyelashes.

smoky eyes

I have added light green eyeshadow and white just below my eyebrows to make it look like highlights. I have used black liquid eyeliner to emphasize my eyebrows which are pretty light.


Here is a little more for drama. It is theatre after all. Actually, the reason I am adding green around my eyes with eyeshadow is so I don't have to do so with the make up that is harder to remove. also, I have pushed my hair back and applied gel to keep it in place. I want it to dry before I put the wig on.

more green

When I look down you can see some purple and darker green in the crevasses of my eyes to give them deeper shadows.

In this snapshot I have applied one layer of green. I let it dry between layers and usually add two or three.

green alien makeup

The bathroom was getting dark so I turned on the light or maybe used the flash, which is why the photos got brighter. I think this is a couple layers. I can't tell if I have applied the shimmer powder yet. That is supposed to prevent it from looking uneven or melting. This year I have purchases a special spray to keep make up in place. 

green alien makeup

Here is the part where I feel very glamourous. I have added face eyelashes. They are a pain in the butt to put on, wear and then take off. They make my eyes feel fatigued and heavy, but they are so pretty.

fake eyeleashes

I have skipped a couple steps here. I have put on a wig, hair fascinator, body suit and the rest of the costume.

Orion slave dancer

Here is one with my eyes open. Out of all my belly dance costumes, I feel the most beautiful in this one. For other blog posts on being an Orion slave dancer, go here:

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